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Вакансия стажера в отделе по связям с общественностью Intel

04.07.2007 в 19:58
EeZy x0 Ответить
Corporate Affairs Department Intern

This position will be responsible for supporting programs that create positive business environment and enhance Intel?s reputation including projects with non-profit organizations, local government, schools/universities and employee volunteers. Duties will include help with event coordination (e.g. mass-media events, volunteer days or site tours). Requires administrative tasks such as large-scale mailings, managing donations, and tracking program performance, intranet and web posting. Assists Corporate Affairs Manager(s) with other job-related tasks. Some travel may be required.

Critical Skills: Requires good written/verbal English and perfect Russian. Must demonstrate excellent communication skills as well as the ability to learn fast and track multiple tasks with attention to detail. Event planning and project management skills desired. Must be able to work well with in a (virtual) team environment. Should be able to work with employee volunteers.

Education & Experience: Full-time university student of 4th year, full time master or postgraduate student specializing in Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing/Advertizing, Civil Service/Public Administration, Languages or related field. Any relevant job experience, including short-term internships will be a plus. This position is for students only. Applications from evening/correspondence students, professional college students, students who have done less than three years of university will be rejected.

Successful candidate will be offered official contract salary, corporate SIM card, flexible worktime, Intel University trainings and other benefits.

Please send your CV to corporate_affairs_rus@intel.com now and take a chance to find out what is it like to work at Intel Corporation hand-in-hand with top professionals worldwide!
11.07.2007 в 16:03
Dollie x0 @ EeZy Ответить
Вы не в курсе, эта вакансия ещё открыта?

Вакансия стажера в отделе по связям с общественностью Intel

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