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Блог: Пресс-конференция в Карамели

25.10.2011 в 12:00
janet x0
Блог: Новости
У всех приглашенных журналистов была возможность пообщаться с организаторами и главными партнерами конкурса "Мисс Нижний Новгород"

Екатерина Чудакова и Елизавета Зубакина

Пресс-конференция в Карамели
14.03.2012 в 12:48
DPrGGwQHsDGloLiEC @ janet
Such an ipmerssive answer! You've beaten us all with that!
06.03.2014 в 10:01
Anthonyhire @ janet
Соглашусь с вами. Тут не все так просто.
25.04.2022 в 11:26
Earlejam x0 @ janet
After the first condom was filled with sperm, the guys lounged on the couch and began to watch TV shows, chatting about nothing and drinking soothing herbal tea.
There was another man on the other end of the couch. He tried to pretend not to hear the groans and sighs of Laura and her partner. When he saw me, he was very happy. Laura introduced us. The one who managed to get into her panties was called Alexei, the second - Nikolai.
He unfastens his belt a few centimeters from my face, a member pops out of his trousers, lying on my face. I can smell him, I can feel his temperature caused by the rush of blood to him.
Want! Lisa answered with a chuckle.
At 20 centimeters from my face, a large head still continued to be exposed and hidden behind thick skin, I saw how my wife’s hand glided by a hefty penis, which was covered in lubricant and sperm, on which a wedding ring flashed, which I wore at the ceremony for only 12 hours back…
Vika climbed on him and it was clear that both of them, in a rage, began to attack Slava and Ira. Glory, as already experienced in this game, knew what to do. They started pushing and falling, pushing again and falling again.
Uh-huh… Artyom agreed.
In Week?! She asked in surprise, say a month!
Then I felt two more hands on my waist, and as the penis began to enter my pussy from behind again, I began to reluctantly break out, because I wanted to finish the job with the end of the blowjob, especially since I heard the guy constantly uttering moaning from time to time , come on Nastya, come on a little more… Come on, sweetie, just a little… He so tenderly asked me to continue, and so rudely planted my head with his hands on his penis to the very balls that I could not stop the process, and meanwhile in a much larger cock entered my pussy than the one that I sucked … it was so huge that I thought it was probably a member of some kind of black man … not otherwise … after about three minutes, finally, the guy began to cum in my mouth .. there was quite a lot of sperm, besides it was delicious, I greedily swallowed it … but still some of it leaked through my lips … Then he took out a penis and began to smear the sperm over my lips and face, and sentenced Nastya honey… then he handed me a towel and said to dry off…
When we went up in the elevator, I snuggled up to him and we kissed. There was something fresh about it. Not at all the passion that was in the dressing room. Now we were a little embarrassed, we were like teenagers. Our kiss ended in laughter. At that moment, the elevator stopped.
14.01.2023 в 08:49
Albertneuck x0 @ janet
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