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Roses for 50th wedding anniversary

Living together is not easy. Most often, husband and wife celebrate this date magnificently and invite family and friends. Of course, the most obvious choice would be pink roses. But since the occasion is important, you can choose more lush bouquets. You can add a gentle card with a wish or a topper with a congratulation. Building a strong family is hard work. A bouquet of flowers for a golden wedding will be a great present for your beloved ones.
Gift for a pink wedding
Of course, you shouldn’t give less than 50 roses, because the occasion is really significant. Such a gift can really impress the celebrants. Tea roses, yellow tulips, orange gerberas will be very appropriate on this day. Flowers will be an excellent gift for this wonderful holiday. You just need to go to the site and choose the composition you like.
For such a holiday, a small bouquet will not be enough.A luxurious flower arrangement will be an excellent addition to congratulations on your golden wedding.
Ways to decorate bouquet
On such a bright holiday, everything should be majestic and luxurious, so you can add decorative elements such as:

    beads, pearls;


    sprigs of greenery;


    ears of wheat;


Chrysanthemums combine harmoniously with daisies, eucalyptus leaves and other greenery. Burgundy calla lilies, personifying family values, look original.
We will help you choose flowers
For a gift to spouses, compositions consisting of cream, peach and white roses are suitable. Dried flowers. The groom just needs to show originality and a willingness to pay generously for a gorgeous surprise for his beloved. An anniversary is a big holiday for happy spouses, so a small classic selection of modest flowers is not enough here.
To create such a royal accessory you need a lot of plants, for example, a symbolic number of tall roses with strong stems - 15, 25, 49, 51, 55 pieces, because the more the better. Also a good alternative is a bouquet for a golden wedding made of polymer clay, especially nice if it is made by hand.
At the same time, sunny chrysanthemums are welcomed in Japan, and in China, yellow promises wealth. Beads, pearls and rhinestones look friendly. The other half is already felt as an integral part of oneself. It is better to prepare for this day in advance. This is a serious holiday not only for the spouses themselves, but also for their children, grandchildren and close friends. There is deep symbolism hidden here. It is distinguished by its plasticity and perfectly retains its shape.
Meaning of flowers
On this day, it is customary for the “young” to wish to spend the next 50 years together, in love and harmony. What's an anniversary without gifts? In this article we will tell you what flowers are customary to give on a wedding anniversary. Calico and paper weddings - 1 and 2 years respectively - are so named because of the fragility and fragility of the family. Give delicate flowers that symbolize tremulous feelings - daisies or miniature bush roses.
For 4 years - linen or rope - ask to tie the bouquet with twine or arrange it in natural burlap. For your first mini-anniversary - 5 years, a wooden wedding - order a composition in a frame or in a heart-shaped wooden box. Give a flower armful of fifty buds. In order not to cause inconvenience to your spouse or parents due to the heaviness of the composition, order the design in the basket.

Roses for 50th wedding anniversary

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