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Блог: 26 апреля 2018 в 05:53

26.04.2018 в 05:53
laicontran x0
10.05.2022 в 03:26
Earlecot x0 @ laicontran
Rom, but I beg you, don't tell anyone, okay?
After leaving home, she settled in a hostel. Lucky with neighbors. Galya and Nastya were the same freshmen. Although their house was not as far away as mine, they also settled in a hostel, which is understandable. The first two weeks passed under the impressions of studying, new friends, freedom from home … But the farther, the impressions faded, and life got better in a normal way. The guys did not interest me, since the place was taken. But the needs already formed demanded. I had to save myself. And the hostel, where everything is in plain sight, is far from the place where you can retire. And so they lived. At night, when everyone was asleep, quietly put a hand in her panties and lightly caressed her pussy with one finger, breathing more quietly so that the neighbors would not hear. What a shame. And can't resist. If you don’t caress, she could get excited right on the steam. And that's even worse.
Sadly, she clutched the red dress that she bought like everyone else in advance. “Oh, I shouldn’t have planned anything so early, I’ll have to give this dress to our poor Betty, who hears ridicule and doesn’t even think about becoming a prom queen, because she doesn’t even have a match. And so she did. But she didn't tell anyone that she wouldn't go to the ball. And Betty was very happy with the beautiful outfit that came up to her. She decided to just sit at the table, and April said that this dress did not fit her. And I myself thought - I ruined everything myself, myself … I thought we would be the best. But as soon as everyone had fun, she finally got an answer from him.
- Ah, if only…
Masha, as I said, is more than seven years older than my wife and I. But despite her age, she looks very good. The figure is athletic and its moderate fullness does not stand out since she has a large growth. She takes care of herself and in addition to sports, she also practices yoga and oriental dances. She spends a lot of money for her beauty and this is the basis of quarrels between me and my wife, as she reminds me that I do not allow spending money on aesthetics.
I immediately grasped her breasts with both hands and started massaging them. Aunt Olya had very firm boobs that could hardly fit in one hand. From this, my penis began to twitch even more intensely and now and then touch something soft and wet.
17.07.2022 в 00:39
XRumerTest x0 @ laicontran
Hello. And Bye.

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